PowerPod Case

Wireless charging is finally here

The PowerPod Case is a silicone sleeve that adds wireless charging to your AirPods. The product was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter in March of 2018. The product is currently patent pending. 

Product delivers in 2-5 business days in the US and within 10 days in the UK

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Why buy the powerpod case?

With a new wireless charging AirPod Case coming out later this year, many AirPod users will purchase a brand new case that looks exactly like the old one with the added bonus of wireless charging. Few will be able to sell their old case simply because Apple’s new wireless charging AirPod Case won’t include some new AirPods inside.

The goal of this product is to avoid this dilemma entirely by adding wireless charging to your existing AirPod Case. Buying a new case from Apple forces the old case to be replaced. The PowerPod Case gives the ability to add function, protection, and style to an existing AirPod Case that does not deserve to be retired so soon.

Powerpod case with apple watch and iphone
Powerpod case front and back

The Design

The PowerPod Case is made from high-quality silicone that conforms snugly to the AirPod case. Silicone was used for two major reasons. Firstly, silicon is a durable material that can be easily formed to any shape. Secondly, silicon is heat resistant and acts as an ideal insulator between the wireless charging coil and the AirPod Case.

The electronics inside the case are designed to be slim and invisible to the user. From the outside, you won’t even realize that there is tech pressed between two layers silicone. The technology inside uses common wireless charging standards. A simple copper coil installed in the back of the case transfers energy from any charging pad to your AirPod Case. A flush lighting cable fixed at the bottom of the silicon allows you to easily slide in and connect your AirPod Case.

PowerPod Case Setup

Please follow the video walkthrough on how to setup and use your PowerPod Case. Make sure that the lightning cable in the PowerPod Case clicks firmly into the AirPod Case. To charge wirelessly, simply place the PowerPod Case, with AirPod Case connected, face down on the charging pad (lighting bolt logo down, PowerPod name up). Coil will get warm while charging, this is normal and will not damage the AirPods. To remove AirPods from PowerPod Case, push out from bottom and pinch firmly to remove cable (demo in video). 

Thank You for Purchasing the PowerPod Case!

Powerpod case in action

Sameer PowerPod Case

From Idea to Reality

In January of 2018, Sameer had an idea. It was simple: bring wireless charging to AirPods.

He had his first prototype in less than a week. A short time after, he officially launched his first crowdfunding campaign on February 20th, 2018.  

After countless late nights and cold emails, the PowerPod Case project was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Knowing that the work was far from over, Sameer continued to refine the case in order to ensure his backers got the best product possible. Currently, Sameer is finalizing the first batch of PowerPod Cases that will be sent to his backers. 

As interest in the PowerPod case grows, Sameer continues to make this crowdfunding campaign his priority. 

“Thank you to all my backers and supporters on this crazy journey. I hope to impress you all with an amazing product!” – Sameer


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